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About Us

Oscott Academy is a registered independent school that supports the learning of students in Key Stage 4 (Year 10 and 11). Oscott Academy prides itself on its pastoral approach, fostering an environment where students can develop and be part of the Oscott Academy family.

We support students with diagnoses of ASD, ADHD, ADD and anxiety, in addition to those who display symptoms of SEMH.  We also support vulnerable students who have struggled to learn in a mainstream setting.

The school has a high level of student support with a ration of 5:1 (student to staff ratio).


Oscott Academy was opened in 2014 by Stewart Dance, an experienced practitioner with over a decades experience in educational settings. 

Ethos Statement

The ethos of Oscott Academy is that of  inclusion, respect and creating a family environment where students can be part of the Oscott Academy family.

We are committed to providing a service to our students who are recognised as the most important group within the school community. Staff demonstrate due consideration and respect for their students. Students' rights to voice opinions is recognised and staff will work with students to deal with their concerns. 

The efforts which members of staff make to improve the learning process and promote partnership will be recognised by students adopting an active role in their own learning. 
When dealing with difficult situations we will seek to resolve problems by mediation, respecting the feelings of all involved. 

Oscott Academy's approach to creating a safe, family environment has enabled students at the academy to achieve positive outcomes Post 16.

All of our students move onto positive post-16. They all have impartial careers advice and support from the Birmingham Careers Service in their college/post 16 applications. 

Our 2022/23 students moved onto:

Local colleges to study:  

  • Health & Social Care

  • Hair and Beauty

  • Construction Skills

  • Mechanics  

  • Bricklaying

  • Motor Vehicle Apprenticeship

  • Vehicle Maintenance  

Two students also began apprenticeships, one in bricklaying and one is childcare. 

Congratulations to Megan Flores (student of 2016) who went onto the University of Derby in September 2021 to study:

  • BSC Engineering 

All students receive impartial Information Advice and Guidance from Birmingham Careers Service. 

Pupil Premium Statement 2022-2023 (click me)

Oscott Academy has been graded as an Outstanding school.

Ofsted 2024

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