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Week 1 set work

The monkeys paw 

English reading comprehension 

The world 

English reading comprehension

English Skills

English skills resources 

Different types of text

Different types of text exercise 


Letters homework

English understanding of letters and writing exercise 

Week 2 set work

Describe this character

Descriptive writing task

Street Fighters

Evidence, what did you see task


English Reading comprehension



English reading comprehension


Week 5 set work

Lockdown writing task 

Lockdown writing task 1  

Lockup writing task 

Lockdown writing task 2


English Reading comprehension with responses

Our Environment

English reading comprehension

Building site 

English reading comprehension


Keep a check on your wellbeing 

You are important and if you are worried about anything please contact us


Week 6 set work 

Car theft 

Your advice to help prevent car theft

Covid reading

Reading comprehension based around Covid-19

Captain Tom

Writing task about Captain Tom

GCSE Enlish Langauage Task 1

Creative writing task

GCSE Enlish Langauage Task 2

Creative writing task

Week 3 set work

Descriptive writing task

Using the prompts, complete the descriptive writing tasks. 

The black hole

Using the inference skills and techniques we've covered, complete the above task, what happens next. 

St Patricks Day Reading

Reading comprehension based around St Patricks Day

Text 1

Text 2

Reading questions 

Reading task based on Knife Crime

Knife crime reading task (planning sheet) Following yesterdays knife crime lesson, please complete a written task based on knife crime and its impact on society. 

Week 7 set work

5 day Diary Writing Project

Over the ​next 5 days, write a diary entry each day. Include a description of your thoughts, feeling and describe your environment. Try to write between 100-200 words for each entry. 

Newspaper template

Using the newspaper template above, please create a newspaper article based around the picture. 

Punctuation exercise

Please read and correct the punctuation in the above texts. 

Relegation battle 

Letter writing task based around the re-start of the Premier League

Week 4 set work

Nandos text

Nandos Reading Comprehension Woeksheet

Using the above text, answer the worksheet below it. 

TEXT Solar power 

Task 1

Task 2

Read the solar panel text and then there are two writing tasks to complete.  

Functional Skill mock past-paper (reading)

In preparation for your upcoming Functional Skill exams, please complete the above paper. 

Functional Skill mock past-paper (writing)

In preparation for your upcoming Functional Skill exams, please complete the above paper. 

GCSE reading comprehension

Please read and complete the above reading comprehension.